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Sliding windows
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Has anyone done an STC for sliding windows on an H295, or has anyone seen this anywhere?  Or for that matter, openers at all?



Re: Sliding windows
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What do you mean by openers ?  The 295 usually have a window that can be open on the pilot side

Besides that, never saw with my eyes any opening of the passenger side.  Someone told me about one fellow that did had a right side window modified to be larger and openable.  Big enough to be used as an emergency exit.  Surely not STC.  And the story might not be true because there was also a mixup with some Dornier with two engines on some kind of a pod each side of the nose.

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Re: Sliding windows
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Sorry I overlooked this post somehow.

I think if you do a search for windows or openable windows or window vents you may find a previous post on windows.

The seaplane window was installed by one time STC on c/n 1407 I think Gordon Cragg now owns this STC.

I seriously thought about modifying this window to open a door shaped like the stallion door but opening upward like the utility door. One time STCs with the help of an FAA DER were doable in AK in the '90s. I don't know about now.

I also don't see why you couldn't copy the Factory option open able window on the pilots to the copilot side.

Unless you live n a warm climate area you might not like these open able windows mine leaked cold air in the winter. As I recall it just had a thin foam weatherstrip that was an annual renew.

link to c/n 1407 history file

There is also a 337 for installation of an open able rear window on c/n 1461.

There is also an Factory optional window vent I think several members have these vents in from one to four windows.

The open able pilots window is another Helio factory option only need to find one then use a log book endorsement to install

I also attached the PDF files for both the open able rear windows as well as the seaplane open able copilot window. click on them at the bottom of the page and they should aromatically download to you computer

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Re: Sliding windows
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I just remembered that the salvage from Kris Nolan's c/n 1461 I think I was told it was sold by the insurance co to someone in Fairbanks AK.

That removable window along with the 337 might be available.

last known to be in storage lot of Kevin Wyckoff Wasilla AK- Alaska Claims Services awaiting insurance settlement.

But I forgot who it was sold to anyone know?

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