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c/n 2514, N77TR
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3 picture check your albums. Please do an internet search maybe you'll come up with one I couldn't find, I need all the help I can get.

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c/n 2514, built 06/65 as model H-250, original registry N5456E, Dickerson Enterprises inc (W. Logan Dickerson) PA accident aircraft stall/mushed during the initial climb out, after the pilot failed to obtain or maintain flying speed @ Shippenville-Rhea Airport PA 9/65 sold '66, E.L Stringer AZ sold 02/66, A.L. Farnsworth AZ sold 01/67, Alfredo Puchi AZ sold 08/67, Mobile aircraft co AZ sold 03/68, Naples co GA accident not reported or investigated no details @ unknown area time, damaged right wing and tail wheel repaired Lithonia GA 05/68 sold 05/69, Roach Aircraft inc CO (Roy Rice & Veron Zahnov) TX sold 06/69, dereg export reg assigned (XB-GUJ ntu) Aereolineas Fierro sa (Priciliano Sanchez) Mexico export fails sold 10/69, as N5456E Ben Holbrook UT sold 03/70, Roy Rice ID accident aircraft stall/mushed during the initial climb out, after the pilot failed to obtain or maintain flying speed @ Durango-Santiago Airport, Durango, Mexico 7/70 sold 06/73, Glen Thomson CA repaired and converted to H-295 GO-480, with STC (SA1383SW) the aircraft was re-rigged to H-295 specifications and placarded for H-295 limitations now complies with H-295 Type Certificate and has H-295 Operations Manual incorporated, configuration was approved by the Factory as per letter of 10/18/73, rereg N77TR Glen Thomson sold 01/89, Barnstormer ltd (Bernie Caracena) WY incident pilot’s entry door separated at cruise altitude, due to an upper hinge failure 9/89 sold 10/92, Barnstormer ltd WY/CO sold 12/96, Paul Svenkeson MN sold 5/15, Kenneth McAllister Lantau Island Hong Kong (I CORP a Non Citizen Corp.) Anchorage AK currently being relocated to Edmonton AB

note: Paul Svenkeson 02/97 requests FAA to change Certificate of Registration to reflect that the aircraft is an H-295. The
FAA reply is that an application should be made for an Inspector to approve the change, via a completed Application for Airworthiness Certificate.

Apparently it never happened at this time 06/15 still registered as as H-250 s/n 2514.

As always any further information or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: c/n 2514, N77TR
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edit: by Ken

Kenneth McAllister Lantau Island Hong Kong (I CORP a Non Citizen corp) Anchorage AK after refurbish being relocated to Edmonton AB

In October 2013 I entered into a deal to buy Helio N77TR, and at the time when it was in annual inspection, I had the wings completely removed for through inspection of the spar mod, and all wing attach points, it all came out clean as can be with no cracks and no corrosion. I also has the engine mount completely rebuilt.
We only flew it a few times in 2014, and it was not until April of 2015 that I bought it outright, and put it in the shop for a 4 month teardown rebuild of the engine, and complete, and expensive make over with the gear, and many other things.
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Re: c/n 2514, N77TR
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E-mail from Ken slightly edited;

I've been very busy for the past 3 years rebuilding my Helio, and now, I'm happy with where I've brought it.

You may find this of interest, in October 1973, Bob Casebeer at the Helio Factory approved my H-250 Helio, to be the first full conversion to a Model H-295 Super Courier, I have now finally got the FAA to correct the paperwork to show that, all the paperwork, and approval was done in Oct. 1973, and clear up a clerical paperwork mistake by the FAA, showing it as a H-250 for the past 44 years, it's now rectified, and is a H-295, Super Courier in the FAA records, and on my registration.

I've got it setup for 35", 31", 29", standard 850x6 wheels, or Federal 3500A skis, currently on 29" wheels

edit to history paragraph at top of page;
Paul Svenkeson MN placed on Federal 3500A wheel skis sold 5/15, Kenneth McAllister Lantau Island Hong Kong (I Corp a Non Citizen corp located in USA), after refurbish will be relocated to Minneapolis MN, paperwork and registry after 44 yrs now shows complete conversion to model H-295, instrument panel refurbished, A/C removed from retractible wheel skis placed on 29" tundra wheels, installed 1 retractible Sunspot par 64 LED landing lts in each wing and 2 Sunspot par 46 LED lts in cowling

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Re: c/n 2514, N77TR
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Ken sent some pictures and had this to say:

I’ve been slow to send you any photos of my Helio. Sorry. I've got thousands of great photos. It’s painful as I’m planning to sell it, and I want to keep it for ever.

These are the Photos of LED Sunspot 64, on left wing, 2 Sunspot 46 in Nose Cowl, with right wing comparison of old incandesant which is much dimmer.

This is the landing lt setup I would want to have because they are even lower current draw and they are vibration resistant and never burn out. Unfortunately, if I still had my Helio, I wold probably have the High intensity zeon bulbs in the cowling I was just waiting for them to be STC'ed when I sold my Helio and I wasn't knowledgable enough about the retractible landing lts, I thought they were only allowed on the H-391 as a single lt in the left wing.

Now if I was living in AK or Canada and especially if I was on skis the retractible landing Lt is the setup that I would want. My understanding is that if you are landing on a lake at night you can partially deploy them so they are pointing down as you make a flyby of your intended landing spot. Another thing is you can use that pulse lt thing for better visibility and collision avoidance during the day time.

link to Sunspot Lts at A/C Spruce click on

The overhead picture looks typical of others with the retractible lts.

Maybe Ken could give a description of what is in the panel it looks interesting.

It appears that there is going to be 14 helios for sale before long I guess I will have to edit this post i have linked below

click on this link

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Re: c/n 2514, N77TR
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Wow, She is Beautiful!