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Title: Unidentified Helio II
Post by: Doug Johnson on August 14, 2016, 03:05:44 PM
also see it was getting to long.

I am posting a picture that I'm unable to identify only that it appears to be a Canadian H-395 CF-???. Photo taken Spring of 1965 as one of  "Courier Flights ltd's" Helio Courier"s. After it failed to take off from Mission Bay at Thunder bay Ontario due to soft conditions. Possibly there was a propeller strike or damage when it was pulled out of mud.

I don't have pictures of...       #027, N4111D, CF-LCD
                                           #059, CF-JRT
                                           #095, N4147D, CF-RPJ
                                           #097, N4145D, CF-LSH, N4169D
                                           #516, CF-JWE
                                           #520, N4167D, CF-SAA             maybe its one of the last two,

anyone know, especially any of our Canadian members.

Title: Re: Unidentified Helio II
Post by: Doug Johnson on August 14, 2016, 03:23:29 PM
Edit: Indonesian Helio PK-JAA photo taken 11-11 at Cameroon reportedly being repaired after an accident when landing unable to get stopped in time while landing at a one way landing strip with strong tailwind it was intentionally ground looped to keep prop from striking a low retaining wall.

Edit Bob Wallace Identified Anyone from Jaars know which Helio it is and any more about accident like details location and date of accident it seems to be just before the three Helios were removed from service.

Title: Re: Unidentified Helio II
Post by: Louis on August 14, 2016, 06:56:05 PM
Doug, there is two or three Helio in pieces in the Hangar of the gentleman from whom i bought a Pilatus.  Do you want his phone number or you do know about them.  Probably registered under the name of Nahanni air service, or North-Wright Airways Ltd.

Title: Re: Unidentified Helio II
Post by: Doug Johnson on August 15, 2016, 03:24:51 PM
Louis, Thanks as you suggested I contacted Perry Linton, he believes it is c/n 1002 CF-CFL an H-395A but it is difficult for me to tell for sure since the prop is off the a/c.

see I edited the c/n 1002 post.

Perry said a Helio I believe he said CFL (the accident history does say it was used for low level survey) was being hired occasionally by a wildlife biologist to color 'mark' caribou sheep and musk oxen with dye (bright red orange blue green etc) to study migration patterns, this was back before radio collars. He tells an amusing story about Their Native American Indian cook spotting some colored caribou near their camp and never seeing anything like it and thinking they were spirit animals, was headed for his rifle to protect himself. They were able to stop him before he shot any of the animals and explain what the spirit animals were.

I need to email him and get the name and dates for the history paragraph.

Title: Re: Unidentified Helio II
Post by: Doug Johnson on August 19, 2016, 01:37:06 PM
Bob Wallace identified the Jaars Helio as PK-JAA and included a photo to prove it. I was able to add some details to the accident in '09.

Title: Re: Unidentified Helio II
Post by: TreeTopFlyer on August 24, 2016, 06:48:18 AM
You notice that the JAARS helio had windshield speed mod?
Title: Re: Unidentified Helio II
Post by: Doug Johnson on August 24, 2016, 09:34:50 AM
yes I did one of the better photos it also clearly shows how the rear of the wing intersects with the fuselage that bump creates a lot of drag. That's why the experimental Robertson Skylark has that odd looking (if comparing it to a Helio) rear fuselage.

Title: Re: Unidentified Helio II
Post by: Doug Johnson 1 on April 13, 2019, 10:00:34 AM
Here is a Helio that at first I thought was one of the 6 S/Vietnamese Helios t/n XV-NAE, F, G, H, I, and J. Or one of the 13 S/Korean Helios that had a South Vietnamese roundel with t/n 25907, 25910, 25917, 38092, 313097, 313098, 313099, 313103, 313169, 313106, 313108, 313111, and 31312.

this photo was found at  

Michael E. Fader Editor and owner of WINGS-AVIATION response when contacted about the possibility of a higher resolution photo to identify the Helio t/n was; 

Yes it's a mysterious plane. The South Vietnamese didn't fly the U-17.(typo?) The Serial Number is no clear. Also unclear is the writing under the wing SAT and ...ING (May be WING). Regards Michael E. Fader

So anyone have any ideas, there is doubt as that being a S/Vietnamese roundel because there is no red outline as you see in the roundel below the picture. even when when magnified to the point where you can see individual pixels there is no red.
Title: Re: Unidentified Helio II
Post by: tailhook on April 14, 2019, 01:29:34 PM
Taking a real close look at the U-10A/B pictured above, it may very well have been transferred from Air America operations when Air Asia, CAT, ARC, and other CIA led dummy corporations, purchased the Fairchild-Hiller PC-6 turbo Porter in favor of its fleet of Helio H-395's beginning in 1965.

The Porters Air America flew had been re-equipped with Honeywell/AiResearch TPE-331's for the most part. The transition from Helio to Porter was one of numerous decisions to find a larger airplane with increased load capacity. Cabin Volume was the other.

My calculations suggest that this may have been one of the 395's that was sent to other units in Southeast Asia. SAT WING may be what is inscribed on the underside of both wings with the acronym Southeast Asia Training Wing. The low-res quality of the photo makes it very difficult to discern what we really have here.

Title: Re: Unidentified Helio II
Post by: Doug Johnson 1 on April 14, 2019, 11:28:18 PM
Steven, this probably narrows it down to one of the 6 S/Vietnamese Helios t/n XV-NAE, F, G, H, I, or J, that were assigned to Vietnam Stratint (strategic intelligence)then to Vietnamese Air Transport (VIAT) and eventually made their way to our CIA in Air America and then probably to the Southeast Asia Training Wing. 3 were turned into parts, a couple were destroyed, only 531 made it to the New tribes mission in the Philippines.

Somewhere along the line the red outline of the S/V roundel was probably painted over with blue, to more closely match the American roundel.

It actually makes sense. I wish we could make out the last letter on that tail mark, the air craft is turned the correct way just not high enough resolution to guess at that last letter.